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Virginia’s Parting of the Seas

Euphoria is a powerful drug. It takes over the entire body, mind, and the very soul of those who get a healthy dose of it.

But the high it gives you doesn’t last. It quickly fades. And the cold, hard reality of everyday existence comes back into focus with a crashing realization.

The Lobby Day gathering in Richmond felt great and came off without any serious problems. No much-anticipated incidents occurred. Everyone who partook in the event came away feeling great. They had made a statement to the Virginian and American political establishment with a demonstration of strength in numbers of a kind not seen in this country since the Civil War.

Yes. Lobby Day felt good. Really good. It was like seeing the Death Star getting blown up for the first time. But just like any good Hollywood flick, the movie eventually ends. The lights come back on, and everyone leaves the theatre and goes back to reality.

The next day, the Democratic-controlled Virginia legislature proceeded with its plans to implement all sorts of gun control measures. They just went on with their business as if nothing had happened the day before. There was no consideration of the people who had shown up at their doorstep en mass to express their outrage at their plans, nor even a positive affirmation that the tens of thousands of people who traveled to the capital protested peacefully and without incident. All one heard was thinly veiled contempt and scorn for the crowds that were referred to as “white supremacists” who came to Richmond to “spread terror.”

If there was ever a crystal-clear example of a government showing total contempt for those they govern, it’s now being demonstrated in Virginia. Yet this should not be a surprise to anyone — especially to those who have been following political developments in the United States over the past few years. There is no longer any room for traditional American discourse or discussion. No consideration of the opinions of those who disagree on matters of public policy. The game that is now being played is for one side to win power and for that majority to force policies and laws on the out-of-power minority. Mandate or no mandate. The "tyranny of the majority" our forefathers warned us about.

And there is more where that came from. Everything from late-term abortion to the protection of masses of illegal immigrants to changes in voter ID laws, to name a few. A noticeable pattern has emerged: the Democrats, or Democratic Socialists, wish to hold power in Virginia permanently and without dissent. They mean to grab on to the State House and Governor’s Mansion and never let go.

This sobering realization is now beginning to settle in throughout the Commonwealth. The change in demographics over the past several decades, and the increasing number of immigrants (illegal and otherwise) pouring into Virginia, has permanently changed the political landscape in a way that will be nearly impossible to correct. The government is now ignoring the wishes and concerns of almost half the residents of the state. And this will not be a temporary setback for those who consider themselves “conservative” or “right-wing.” What we are seeing now will be the order of the day for the foreseeable future.

So what is to be done? Well, to a great extent, something already has been. More than 100 counties and municipalities in Virginia have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries. This means that a significant portion of Virginia territory has formally stated that they will not comply with laws passed in Richmond they do not agree with. This is more than just a polite “no thank you,” it’s outright rebellion. And the next logical step for any territory refusing to cooperate with its purported owner is to go its separate way. The Commonwealth of Virginia is not just heading for a split; it has already happened.

Now, combine this with moves in the West Virginia legislature and the announcement by that state’s governor of his desire to “take in” counties in Virginia that no longer want to be ruled from Richmond. These are not just whimsical remarks or comments made by some politicians looking to get a few minutes of airtime on the local news. They are quite serious. West Virginia would love nothing better than to add on more territory containing all sorts of production centers, agricultural land, and the tax base that comes with both. This whole thing is getting serious. Very serious. Biblically serious.

So how realistic is such a scenario? Well, more than most people know or are willing to admit publicly. While the creation of a new state requires action by the U.S. Congress, existing states have a great deal of autonomy when it comes to determining their borders. The Feds don’t have much to say if such changes are desired and agreed upon at the state level. If several Virginia counties or cities wanted to join West Virginia, it’s a matter between Richmond and Charleston to settle on their own.

Sound crazy? Think it’s never going to happen? Well, I think it will, eventually. It’s happened before. Lots of other states have altered their borders from time to time for a multitude of reasons. But the driving force in this situation is that there are many angry people in Virginia. The people who live in the rural areas — especially those near West Virginia — are culturally so different from those living in the mostly liberal urban regions they might as well be considered residents of a foreign country. Indeed, it’s a microcosm of what is going on throughout the entire country: the cities versus “Fly Over America.”

The current cultural differences between left and right, liberal and conservative, are like nothing we’ve ever seen before. During Civil War times, families from South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, or Massachusetts had more in common with each other culturally, ethnically, economically, and religiously than ultra-liberals from California and conservatives in Virginia or Texas do today. And back then, they fought a very long and bloody war against each other over
their differences.

The current American political divide is just too great, so something has to give. And just as divorce is a far better solution to a bad marriage than domestic violence, recognizing unreconcilable differences and redrawing state lines to accommodate the desires of the population makes a whole lot of sense. It’s a solution that needs to be seriously considered and, hopefully, acted upon sooner than later.

No matter what anyone thinks of the tens of thousands of armed individuals who converged on Richmond, everyone can agree that it was a clear sign that there is much anger in our nation over the way things are going. And a significant portion of the population is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to put a stop to it. Providing a peaceful solution in the form of redrawing some maps is not just preferable; it’s the only rational course of action we really have.

“Good fences make good neighbors” is an old American idiom. One that has a lot of truth to it. The same thing can be said for borders between states and nations. If people are different, those differences have to be respected and protected. So if there can be global movements and organizations created to protect the rights and sovereignty of Palestinians, Tibetans, East Timorese, and other culturally distinct peoples from foreign domination, why should Virginia and it’s distinct rural regions be treated differently? If the people of the renegade counties in Virginia wish to leave and join West Virginia, they should be allowed to do so.

If one looks at the avalanche of legislation being passed in Richmond, it’s getting harder to deny that total control over society and the individuals that constitute it is what those in power are seeking to impose. This is slavery of a very real sort. And it would be a most tragic of ironies if Virginia again resorted to such a repulsive institution in any form — especially if the sole reason to keep the renegade counties in the fold is purely economic.

Many thousands of years ago, another ruler who owned a whole nation of slaves was commanded to “Let my people go!” At first, Pharaoh didn’t listen. But eventually, with a little bit of not-so-subtile persuasion, he saw the light. The results were, as they say, “Biblical.” And what makes this more than a bit amusing is that while all this is going on in Virginia, there’s a deadly plague flowing out of China, and locusts are devastating massive portions of Africa.

Kind of makes you think, doesn't it?

Perhaps The Almighty is trying to tell us something?

Charlton Heston would probably agree.

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