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American Gun Owners Are Not Going Anywhere

Some years ago, I asked an old colleague and friend — a significant player in the political world — that question everyone interested in foreign affairs raises from time-to-time: What will it take for there to be a lasting peace in the Middle East?

Surprisingly, he didn’t hesitate in his response.

“Very simple,” he said. “As soon as all the Arab and Muslim nations in that part of the world realize that Israel is not going anywhere, a peace deal will be easy. But until that bit of reality sinks in, it will just be more of the same.”

His answer was obvious in hindsight. The first step to making peace with someone is to come to grips with their existence. Avoiding that fact, and just dreaming and wishing that you didn’t have to deal with them, is a desirable option. But it’s not a realistic one.

The same reality can be applied to American gun owners. Depending on how you add up the numbers and statistics they make up about half the population. Some are more active and militant than others, of course. Many are even classified as “liberal.” But as a group — as a demographic — they are substantial. And the underlying reality is that, just like Israel, they are not going away.

Like the Israelis, American gun owners have been around for quite some time. Quite literally since before the nation was created. They are organized and believe firmly in their right to exist. Most are not afraid of getting into a fight, political or otherwise. And like the Israelis, they are heavily armed, and a good portion of them are highly trained in various aspects of dealing with physical threats. Both Israelis and American gun owners have many in their ranks who believe strongly in God, and that their particular supreme being is on their side.

But what is most important is that both Israelis and American gun owners have enemies that are always planning and scheming to wipe them from the face of the Earth. They know this of course and are prepared to do everything in their power to never let it happen. Survival has a way of bringing out the determination in people.

Sadly, both the enemies of the Israelis and American gun owners haven’t come to grips with reality. They are living in a fantasy world and believe that all will be wonderful and peaceful if the target of their hatred would just be made to vanish. To be pushed into the sea, so to speak. So they continue to take pot shots, inflict damage when and where they can, all in the hopes that one day the target of their hatred will just give up and agree to cease to exist. However, the realistic chances of this happening are, to put it mildly, quite remote.

If politicians are anything, they are highly trained opportunists. Remember hearing that cynical story about a bus with only a few passengers on board getting into an accident? And within a matter of minutes it becomes filled with passers-by who all begin to complain about whiplash and threaten to sue for damages?

Well, a successful American politician (who is usually a lawyer) would not only have that bus filled with believably damaged victims within minutes of the accident, but they would also have the lawsuit papers written-up and a percentage of the settlement agreement negotiated long before the cops arrived on the scene. Most politicians are very good at never letting a tragedy go to waste.

The recent events that occurred in Las Vegas are the latest example of using a tragedy not just to lob a few more rockets at American gun owners, but to, yet again, attempt to push them into the sea. Even though all the details of the crime have not yet come to light, and the reason for the tragedy has yet to be adequately explained, the anti-gun lobby quickly went on the offensive with all sorts of proposed legislation aimed at ridding the United States of as much weaponry in private hands as possible. This action has just driven home a fact millions of Americans already know: the leftists in positions of power and authority don’t want the average citizen to be able to defend themselves.

For many years, the people and politicians who favored gun control were usually looked upon by many of their countrymen as well-meaning but naive do-gooders. However, fewer and fewer Americans see them in that light. Over the past year, the rise of the violent side of the political left has pretty much trashed that warm and cuddly camouflage so-called liberals have built up over the decades. The seemingly endless street violence since the presidential election of a year ago has driven home to a growing number of traditional-minded Americans that radical Marxist and Communist thinking plays a far more significant role in the philosophy of liberal politics than they had realized.

When one sees crowds of masked young people calling for violence and death to others — especially police officers — disarming oneself doesn’t seem a very wise thing to do. The anti-gun lobby has made it clear they don’t want to talk. They don’t want a peaceful solution to any and all rational concerns. What they are calling for is the non-existence of those they openly hate and despise.

One can easily find mountains of credible data and statistics on gun violence, ownership, usage, sales, and crimes in the United States, so there is no need to go into details here. But it should be pointed out that anyone with an open mind who does some serious research on the topic will conclude that most of the arguments for gun control presented by the anti-gun lobby don’t hold much water. Like so many political viewpoints espoused by contemporary leftist politicians, they are based more on emotion than on logical reasoning and rational argument.

Everything from demographics to social structures to the lack of enforcement of current firearms laws; education; economic opportunities; the destruction of the traditional family structure; all play a role in the tragedies we read about daily. But until the anti-gun lobby abandons that long-held American bad habit of trying to apply a very simplistic solution to an incredibly complex problem, and accept the fact that American gun owners are not going anywhere, we will see more of the same. And needless suffering will continue.

A European statesman of a century and a half ago once pointed out that politics is the art of the possible. Accepting reality is the first step in finding a peaceful solution to a conflict.

And if you don’t think that’s so, just ask an Israeli.

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