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Of Godless Men, and Useful Fools

Virginia is home to America itself.

This nearly half-a-millennium old commonwealth is the birthplace of George Washington and Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It’s the land of battles that created the nation, divided it, then united it once more. You cannot walk in its fields, hike in its mountains, paddle a canoe down its many rivers and streams, without falling in love with this ancient, magical place.

To be in love with Virginia is to be in love with America and everything it represents. For Old Dominion is the mother of our nation, our heritage, our culture, and our soul. The freedom that has made the American people the envy of the world, and of the Ages, was conceived and born in Virginia. Here it was nurtured and lovingly raised to adulthood with all the awkwardness, struggle, and turmoil that comes with the painful process of growing into maturity.

Virginia is the mother of our republic. The mother of us all. Everything the people of the United States ever were, or ever will be, originated in this oldest of the American settlements. When men landed on the moon, a farmer-turned-soldier of centuries past who gave his life in anonymity on a long-forgotten battlefield was there in spirit — as were millions of others like him. It was their hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to generations of Americans yet unborn that resulted in the nation, and the world, we live in today.

But all is not well in the American Shire. Pangs of deep darkness have filled the hearts of many in this once-joyous land. And the peace-loving people of America’s cultural birthplace are under siege from foreign enemies who have their eyes set on conquest. They, and their elected henchmen, have given Virginians something they have seldom experienced in their centuries-old history: a true fear of their government and a deep foreboding of what is to come.

The election of November 5th was not just another case of one political party gaining control for a few years in an endless back-and-forth struggle. It was a turning point in Virginia’s history and, perhaps, the history of the United States. Foreign billionaires, who believe their money makes them the moral superiors of us all, bought and paid for control of Virginia’s government. Millions and millions of dollars were poured into campaigns that were once the sole domain of local business leaders and housewives. It was, quite literally, foreign interference in the Commonwealth’s domestic affairs.

The office once held by Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and James Monroe is now occupied by a man considered by millions of his fellow Virginians to be of questionable taste and moral character. His actions have divided Virginia in a way few ever thought possible. His open desire and legal plans to disarm the people of the Commonwealth, his views on abortion, and his plans to provide aid and comfort to masses of illegal immigrants currently invading the United States, has pushed many Virginians to the breaking point. It’s hard to imagine the hatred and enmity people have towards this man unless you have seen it and heard it for yourself.

Being an ancient place, at least by American standards, there are deeply held beliefs and traditions in Virginia that reach down into people’s bones. And when something goes against such deep-rooted gnosis, people are usually stirred to action. And one of the things that has flipped that switch is the sincere belief shared by millions of Virginians that tyrants have taken over their government. Given the state motto of
Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus ever to tyrants), and the state seal consisting of an image of a Roman goddess standing over the body of a slain king, it’s a safe bet that heavy-handed political tactics will run up against strong resistance — an aversion that has collected over time like the rings inside a mighty oak.

Most of the people in rural areas of the Commonwealth also tend to be very religious, Bible-quoting, traditionalists who don’t usually get along with people of liberal or progressive persuasion. In some cities and towns, like Lynchburg, Christianity and evangelical beliefs could accurately be described as a major industry. On the other hand, most of the residents of Northern Virginia, Metropolitan Richmond, and the Norfolk area tend to be very left-wing. These city folks who are now in charge have virtually nothing in common at any level with the citizens who occupy the vast majority of Virginia’s territory. Indeed, they have about as much in common with the inhabitants of rural Virginia as they would with someone from another planet.

What makes matters worse, is that the centuries-old American tradition of compromise combined with live-and-let-live no longer applies. All too many of the newly elected rulers consider their “less evolved” fellow citizens as people to be lorded over and, if possible, “educated” in the new way things should be for everyone. It’s the sort of attitude more at home in a Third World country run by a corrupt elite spouting Marxist dribble than the birthplace of the American idea of freedom and independence.

It’s no surprise that the first move on the part of the newly elected junta has been to implement firearms control at breakneck speed. This was necessary, of course. Not just because it’s the standard operating procedure for every tyranny that has ever soiled the pages of human history. It’s because that’s what the foreign masters who bankrolled the Democratic Party in the last election have demanded of their useful fools. It's now come to pass that Virginia is under the direct control of foreign masters.

Yet something has been awakened in Virginia. Something deep. Something primal. Like a mother set to defend her child at all cost when a rabid creature threatens her prodigy, citizens of this oldest of American lands are rising up. They are organizing, they are speaking out. And come next Monday they and many of their fellow Americans from across the United States will march on the city of Richmond to let those in power know that they have had enough.

Many will be armed, and many will be angry. The number of those converging on the city can only be estimated at this point. But it’s a safe bet that it will be in the many thousands. Indeed, it will more than likely be the largest assembly of armed men converging on an American city since the Civil War of a century and a half ago.

Think about that for a moment. And let it sink in.

Yet the newly installed Virginia government charges ahead with its agenda while reeking of disdain for those they wish to govern. Seemingly oblivious of the dangerous situation they have created all by themselves. They have made the mistake so many of their kind have made throughout the ages. Laws may be passed, armies may be raised, wars may be fought, and years, decades, or centuries may pass in darkness. But in the end, the human spirit and the will-to-good always wins.

It’s a force of nature. As unstoppable and as untamable as any of the ancient rivers that flow from Virginia’s mist-covered mountains, through her fertile valleys, and down to the waiting might of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mysterious, humbling, and eternal.

All tyrants fall. All tyrannies crumble to dust. But the rivers, and the people, remain.

Vox populi, vox Dei

The voice of the people, is the voice of God.

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