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A Battle for the Ages

We all knew this was coming. At least those of us who had opened our eyes, however painfully, to the writing on the wall.

Any civilization that has ever made it to the top of the pyramid has always been a target of destruction by lesser beings. It is the way of things. The weak always wish to destroy the strong, and the strong must always fight against the weak. For failure to do so will result in all that has been created, all that has been sacrificed for, all that has been achieved in selfless glory, falling to ashes and be swept away into eternity.

In a few years, and even fewer months, the United States has gone from a stable, solid republic to an unstable country teetering on the edge of Third Worldism. A nation where civilized social debate and discourse was once considered as necessary a skill as proper table manners, vulgarity, violence, and destruction have become the norm rather than a revolting exception.

Americans once thought of themselves as keepers of a proud, hard-fought heritage. History, traditions, myths, and legends combined to create an ongoing national work-in-progress for nearly half a millennium. But all that is now being attacked by enemies, both foreign and domestic. Enemies that are well-financed, well-organized, and have received the blessing of a significant portion of the American business and political establishment. It can be accurately stated that the United States has not experienced a threat to its existence of the kind we are now seeing in all of its history.

The pulling down of statues, the destruction of monuments, and the desecration of graves has always been a part of revolts and revolutions of the bloodiest kind. When a nation or entire civilization is being targeted for annihilation, along with the people who have created it, seldom, if ever, does the mayhem end with the destruction of property. People — the people who erected the statues and monuments — are always next. And flesh, blood, and bones are much less resilient to physical attack than bronze and marble.

The pattern we have seen since this American-style Cultural Revolution began is pointing in only one direction. It is not the history of the Confederacy, as statues dedicated to Union heroes have also been toppled. Nor is it limited to monuments to those who accepted or practiced slavery, as monuments to abolitionists and even Lincoln himself have suffered similar fates. No. The truth is much more self-evident and chilling. The target of the mob that has been whipped up by leftist politicians, had its hatred fed by the news media, and its activities financed by Corporate America, is out to destroy all vestiges of the European Civilization that exist on this continent. The heritage of white men and women who settled North America and established the United States and the age of human freedom it ushered in is being eradicated before our very eyes.

This has been a very large elephant in the room for some time now, and one few of us wished to face up to or accept as real. “No. that couldn’t be possible. Not here,” we have been saying to ourselves for years. “Our country, our people, have spent trillions of dollars over many decades with the intent of ridding the world of inequality, ignorance, bigotry, and discrimination in all its forms. Our ancestors even fought a civil war, and many of them died to end slavery. No. That can’t be possible.”

But it is. And it is quite real.

Anyone who has studied the social sciences is familiar with something called “mob mentality.” Humans in groups that get whipped into an emotional frenzy are capable of the most horrible acts imaginable. Things that are very difficult for a man or woman to do on their own can suddenly become easy to do in a crowd. Horrible things.

It is a phenomenon repeated often in nature. A single grasshopper is nothing to be concerned about. But if a large number of them get together and start feeding at the same time they become a swarm of locusts. They devour everything in their path and leave nothing but death and destruction in their wake.

The locusts we have seen wreak havoc on American streets have been gathering for many years. Teachers in our schools have been feeding them lies and half-truths about their own history and traditions and that of their fellow countrymen. They have been conditioned to think that they are entitled to anything and everything without the need for hard work to attain it. And they have been fed the poisonous sustenance of Marxism and all related evils that reduce man to nothing more than a biological component in a massive, mindless, enslaved machine of production. They have accepted as truth a philosophy that took the lives of more than 100 million human beings in the last century, and could end up claiming even more in this one.

Those who would tear down our monuments, institutions, and civilization are without morals or even possess a moral compass. Many in those ranks who are of European heritage have been taught to hate themselves. And self-hate always leads to self-destruction. It is a perfect storm that has been brewing for decades, and is now being unleashed.

But the mob never stops when it has tasted weakness, for it then wishes to taste blood. It is a cycle of nature. A never-ending story of the worst kind.

Americans of European descent are being told they are born evil. That they are natural bigots who have done more damage to the world than any other people in history. And an increasing number of establishment leaders are openly calling for them to be driven from all positions of power and influence. To be erased from history. To be “ended.” In the year 2020, if you are white you are open game. Like it or not, accept it or not, there is a target on your back. People — many people — want to see you dead.

The motivation behind what we are seeing is open to debate and speculation. But one sure thing is that power and the desire for power is playing a significant role. It is the oldest, most addictive drug in the world. And power has always been about pleasing the mob so as to control it. As we saw in the last century, the best way to do that is to give the mob something to direct their anger, frustrations, and hatred. And there is no better scapegoat than a group that is stereotypically wealthy, privileged, and thought to be in control of everything. When the mob is convinced that such a group needs to be done away with to make their lives better, things get very ugly very quickly.

Sound familiar?

Many historians mark the beginning of the Dark Ages with the death of Hypatia in 415 A.D. For those of you not familiar with this remarkable woman. She was a scholar, scientist, and philosopher at the legendary Library of Alexandria in Egypt. She was a product of the Classical Age and all of its glory, and a liberated woman millennia before it became something commonplace. But she was also a symbol of the Greco-Roman civilization that had been at the center of the world for so many centuries. Thus, she and many like her stood in the way of the leadership of the up-and-coming Christian church.

For many years, the turmoil and conflict between the Greco-Roman pagans and the growing Christian community became more and more violent because it suited those who sought power over everyone. Religious tolerance was a hallmark of the Roman Empire. But as once-mighty Rome became weak and directionless, those who sought to overthrow it exploited any and all weaknesses they could find. Inter-religious hatred was a big chink in the armor. All that was needed was the right opportunity to exploit that weakness and bring the whole thing crashing down.

Eventually the opportunity arrived. One day, historical accounts recorded that Hypatia was on her way to the library when a mob, urged on by the local bishop, dragged her from her chariot and into a local church what was once a pagan temple. There she was brutally murdered by, among other things, having her flesh flayed from her body. Her corpse was dismembered and burned. Shortly after that, what remained of the Library of Alexandria — once the center of learning and education of the Classical World — was destroyed. Its statues smashed, its books burned, its teachers murdered. The Roman Empire continued in name, but the soul that gave birth to the Classical Age died with Hypatia. An age of darkness then descended on the western world that would last more than a thousand years.

As one now looks around America, Europe, and much of the rest of the world, one cannot help but see the parallels to the fate of Hypatia and her beloved library. One hopes and prays that our civilization and our people will not succumb to the same fate. Ours is the nation and culture that gave the world so much that is fine and good, and was the one that ventured to another world and took the first steps into what promises to be a long and fruitful journey to the stars. But unless we can fight back the forces of darkness that threaten us all, and take back control of our nation and our destiny, those footprints made on the moon half a century ago may be the only ones humanity ever take. For if another dark age comes, it may be one from which mankind will never emerge. Our species will then languish on this world until the sun goes out or we otherwise become extinct. An unknowing universe will never know of us nor mourn our passing.

So wake up, my countrymen. Wake up. All that we are, all that we have been, and all that we can be is at stake. This is a fight we must win. This is not just a battle to return sanity to our nation. This is a Battle for the Ages. But more important:

This is a Battle For All The Ages Yet To Come.

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